Data Protection

Have you paid the ICO yet?

  • Over 900 ‘intent to fine notices issued’.
  • > 100 fine notices issued since December 2018.
  • Any business processing personal data required to register and pay a fee (unless exempt).
  • Fines for not paying can be up to a maximum of £4,350.

The ICO announced at the end of 2018 that is has started issuing fines to businesses over a number of sectors for failure to renew or register with the ICO.

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Data Protection

Smart Watches, Children and Privacy by Design

The recent product recall for a Smartwatch for Children in the EU caught media attention earlier this week. The reason for the recall? The lack of encryption during transmission of data between the smart watch and it’s back end servers leaving it vulnerable to several types of attack including intercepting its GPS location.

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Data Protection

Happy Data Protection Day!

January 28th marks the internationally recognised Data Privacy / Protection day.  A day used to raise awareness of data protection rights and risks globally.  The date is set around the original Council of Europe adoption in 1985 of “Convention 108” the first of it’s kind to “protect individuals against abuses which may accompany the collection and processing of personal data”.

2018 also now ranks as an important year in the data protection calendar as the year the EU “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) came into force on May 25th.  With just over 8months under it’s belt I thought it would be interesting to review some effects and events over 2018 and how GDPR has influenced some of these events. Read more “Happy Data Protection Day!”