Consultancy & Support

It’s like making a victoria sponge without eggs

Sure, you can put all the other ingredients together, mix it up a bit but something isn’t quite right, you need something to help bind it all together.

It’s the same with information security, there are so many different aspects and elements to put together, it can be difficult to understand, prioritise or even have the time to spend on it. Ultimately to the potential cost and failure of the business.

That’s where we come in, we’re the eggs to your victoria sponge mix!

We’re here to help you make information security work for, and throughout your business. Whether you need help with a specific project, area of security or need a helping hand to manage it all, we’re here to help.

So what can you help with?

In addition to our other services, our consultancy and support can help fill in the other gaps in your information security from:

  • Helping you build secure practises and solutions for your customers.
  • Working with you to ensure data protection and privacy requirements are met.
  • Evaluating your third parties and support businesses to ensure they are providing you with a secure, reliable service.
  • Raising the profile of information security in your business and business leaders.
  • Business Continuity planning and support.
  • Incident Management support and advice.
  • Becoming compliant or certified: Cyber Essentials, IASME and ISO27001 are incredibly useful for helping you manage information security, and also promoting your businesses commitment to providing a secure service.

And yes we’ll even help you bake an excellent victoria sponge!

Ready to get baking