Risk Finder

Are you aware of all the risks to your business?

Businesses face an ever-increasing number of risks, both from an ever-changing threat landscape, where new vulnerabilities in computer systems and software are being discovered continually and changes in business habits driving more flexibility in the way employees interact with technology.

Can you justify the time to evaluate your businesses risks?

Assessing and evaluating your businesses risks takes time, and you need to understand where some of the threats are going to come from, you may require additional knowledge or even a technical background to understand some of the threats that face your business. You can spend the time learning these new skills, but this often comes at odds with your businesses strategic goals to grow your business and increasing your sales.

Is there an easier way?

We realise that risk assessments take time, and can be a daunting task.

Risk Finder by Shout Cyber takes the stress of conducting your own information security risk assessment away and provides you with a clear picture of your key businesses risks in a prioritised format, tailored to your business.

Our holistic approach looks at the whole of your business from:

  • Getting to know you, your business and it’s goals – It sounds corny, but good information security, including risk assessment, only works well if it’s in line with your business, it’s objectives and goals.
  • It’s technical risks – Digital transformation is here to stay and many risks can be found in technology. Our risk assessment includes a vulnerability scan of your business network, checking your technology for known weaknesses and finding those hidden threats in your business network.
  • Any physical risks – It’s not just IT threats that you see, traditional threats such as theft are still prevalent, but also new risks such as ‘shoulder surfing’ can potentially expose business-sensitive information.
  • The human side – More than ever we are directly being targeted. From unwanted scam calls pretending to be our banks to phishing emails attempting to trick us out of login credentials.

What are the advantages of using Risk Finder?

  • Uncovering those hidden threats to your business.
  • Build a prioritised approach to managing your information security risks.
  • Helps you in meeting legal and regulatory requirements for your business.
  • Demonstrates to your customers that you are serious about handling their details properly and in a safe manner.

Let’s find those risks