To be forearmed is to be forwarned


Businesses and organisations are under near-continuous attack from phishing emails, suspicious calls or being impersonated themselves in order to obtain information from their customers or suppliers.

The shift to a more flexible, digital society of working has changed the way malicious actors attempt to gain access to business information.

A fundamental shift

It puts business owners and employees right on the front lines and methods such as Business Email Compromise attacks are very successful at stealing sensitive information, contacts and money.

Awareness is key

Technology solutions such as email filters are becoming more advanced, but it’s clear that technology on its own is not going to protect your business.

Your front lines deserve better, they deserve to know their enemy, their habits, how they attack and how to combat them head-on.

Aware! our Security awareness training is designed to provide you and your employees with the skills and knowledge to recognise the methods used by attackers, and how to effectively deal with them.

No size fits all.

Furthermore, we customise your training bespoke to your unique business needs and requirements using multiple techniques to design a tailored awareness campaign suited to your business using:

  • Onsite or remote presentations – join one of our interactive sessions, or arrange a session for your business explaining how malicious actors work, their methods and how to recognise them.
  • E-learning – useful for distributed teams and as on-demand reference points to help reinforce existing training or presentation based training. Can be provided on-demand and via a scheduled weekly such as “lunch and learn” sessions.
  • Phishing Simulation – put the learning to the test using practise phishing attacks which simulate the real thing, but without the sting, in the end, if anyone falls victim.
  • Table Top Exercises – Want are more interactive approach? Put yourself and colleagues to the test with a desktop-based scenario your colleagues.

Not just cybersecurity

We don’t just cover cyber threats either, we can cover a whole range of security topics from:

  • Basics information security and why it’s an important factor to consider in day to day business
  • How to classify information so you can identify what needs protecting most
  • Physical security tips
  • Better passwords and password management
  • Social Engineering attacks
  • Data protection and Privacy

Whatever the size and needs of your business we can ensure that you and your colleagues are getting the skills they need on the front lines to better protect them.

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